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  • Matt


    Metal Head | Vocal Trance Addict | Egalitarian | Motorcycles, Cars | Beautiful Women | I'm a Butt Guy | Introvert | INFJ | Space, Science, Sci-Fi, Space |

  • Murray Newlands

    Murray Newlands

    Contributor Forbes, Entrepreneur Mag. Staff run, tweets from Murray are signed -mn. #MUSTREAD #motivation #leadership #bookclub #books

  • Retweeted by

    Retweeted by

    I'm just some guy with stupid opinions and a loud, obnoxious voice. I also debate science, politics, sociology etc in my spare time. Rev_Gonzo

  • Shaun Munsey BEng

    Shaun Munsey BEng

    Software Engineer for Betcom Games, Aberystwyth University graduate and former Disney Intern. Spent some time in the TA as a Signaller.

  • Paul T

    Paul T

  • Victoria Martínez

    Victoria Martínez

    Writer and historical researcher. Find me at https://www.victoriamartinezwriter.com.

  • Stupid piece of junk

    Stupid piece of junk

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